Saturday, December 13, 2008

AMD Update 2: Investigative Therapies Discussed at the 2008 AAO Meeting

In June of this year, Dave Harmon of Market Scope, reporting on the 2008 ARVO meeting, published a graphic describing AMD Cases in the U.S. by Type and Stage. I reproduced that table in this Journal.

Now, Harmon and his Market Scope team have reported on the latest information about retinal therapies from the 2008 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) meeting held in Atlanta, in the December issue of Ophthalmic Market Perspectives.

In the Retina Subspecialty Meeting, held just prior to the main AAO meeting, Carmen Puliafito called treatment aimed at arresting the progression of geographic atrophy, “the new Holy Grail of macular degeneration therapy.” He reported on one of several new therapies for treating dry AMD.

Dru Thomas of Market Scope has put together the following two tables of new therapies for both dry and wet AMD. They are presented with permission of Market Scope. (For more information from the AAO meeting or for obtaining Ophthalmic Market Perspectives, please contact Market Scope directly.)