Thursday, February 19, 2009

Menu – Part 12: More Updates, A First Report on the SOLX Titanium Sapphire Laser, and a History and Comments About Intrastromal Ablation

This menu contains two updates on the Avastin/Lucentis Controversy; two updates on the CATT Study; a third update on the NeoVista Epi-Retinal Strontium 90 system for treating AMD; and three updates on current and future treatments for both wet and dry AMD.

The menu also contains a first report on the SOLX Titanium Sapphire laser for treating glaucoma and an overview and history of lasers used for intrastromal ablation.

First, the Avastin/Lucentis updates:

Avastin/Lucentis Update 23: An Interesting Overview of the Controversy

Dr. Greg Rosenthal had an interesting take on the Avastin/Lucentis Genentech controversy, and with his permission, I posted his thoughts.

Avastin/Lucentis Update 24: Dispute Between FDA and Genentech

Always alert to gaining clarity on the ongoing controversy, I saw the WSJ Health Blog on the subject, and decided it should be part of my ongoing coverage.

In my continuing coverage of the (now) started CATT Study, I posted the following two updates:

CATT Study Update 7: An Interesting Commentary by Dr. James Folk

This is Dr. James Folk’s take on regardless which drug, Avastin or Lucentis, comes out on top in the CATT study, Genentech wins!

CATT Study Update 8: The Story Behind The CATT Study

In a private conversation with the sponsors of the CATT Study, I learned of an article about how the CATT Study was finally funded and started. I requested permission to reproduce the article and it was granted.

AMD Updates:

Thanks to the publishers of Ophthalmic Market Reports and Ocular Surgery News, I was able to provide useful information about current and future treatments for AMD.

AMD Cases in the U.S. by Type and Stage in 20007

This graphic from the 2008 ARVO Meeting, presents information on the number of people afflicted with AMD, both wet and dry.

AMD Update 2: Investigative Therapies Discussed at the 2008 AAO Meeting

Using information garnered at the 2008 AAO Meeting, Market Scope’s Ophthalmic Market Report put together two useful graphics showing investigative therapies discussed at the AAO and the pre-AAO Retina meetings, for both wet and dry AMD.

AMD Update 3: Current Studies for Treating Macular Degeneration

And, finally, the editors of OSN presented a table of current major AMD clinical studies underway.

NeoVista Epi-Retinal Strontium 90 Treatment for AMD: Update 3

The people at NeoVista provided me with the 18 month data for their Phase II feasibility study, presented at the 2008 Retina Society Meeting, which I promptly posted.

Following the announcement of FDA clearance for its treatment of glaucoma, I decided to write up the SOLX 790 Titanium Sapphire laser:

SOLX Titaniam-Sapphire Laser for Treating Glaucoma: A First Report

This laser joins the Argon laser used in trabeculoplasty (ALT) for treating glaucoma. It should also be assessed against the doubled YAG laser used in the SLT protocol.

And, finally, a history and current experiments using lasers to perform intrastromal ablation:

Intrastromal Ablation: A Technology Whose Time Has Come?

Since I was privy to the history of ISA, having consulted for two of the five companies involved, I believed I was the right person to present its history and to raise the questions that should be asked of current research.


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