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A Searchable Archive of Ophthalmic Laser Business and Technology News for 1996-2005

Medical Laser Business and Technology News Archive

Archive of Ophthalmic Laser Business and Technology News for 1996-2005

For over ten years, from the Fall of 1995 until December 2005, I wrote and published the monthly Executive Laser Briefing (ELB) newsletter (Figure 1). It was then sold to Trends-in-Medicine and continues to be published as Executive Laser Report (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Executive Laser Briefing

Figure 2. Executive Laser Report

Each issue of ELB contained news releases, analyst reports, and commentary about the various companies and laser technologies making news during that time frame. Each months issue consisted of about 40-50 pages, roughly half of which was about ophthalmic lasers and the remainder about medical/surgical/cosmetic lasers.

At the end of each year, I compiled all of the ophthalmic and medical/surgical news separately, and placed it into a yearly summary. The annual ophthalmic laser summaries for the years 1995/1996-2005, containing between 100 and 300 pages, are presented below in a publically accessible cloud storage space on Dropbox. (There is only partial information available for 1995, as the newsletter was started in the Fall of that year.)

To access each year’s file, just click on that year’s link and the pdf file should open in an Adobe PDF reader on your browser. You can save each file to your computer and search the archives for a company or type of laser by using either the Adobe search tool or the “find” feature available on each computer (control F).

Irving J. Arons

The medical/surgical/cosmetic laser summaries can be found in a separate archive, on the website of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery – link: (members only), or on this online Journal in a separate listing.

Ophthalmic Laser Archives for 1996 - 2005

1995-1996 – 106 Pages

1997 – 101 Pages

1998 – 131 Pages

1999 – 294 Pages

2000 – 328 Pages

2001 – 292 Pages

2002 – 211 Pages

2003 – 262 Pages

2004 – 364 Pages

2005 – 279 Pages


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